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9th Indiana
Volunteer Infantry Company E
A Historical Reenactment Association Portraying Union Soldiers from Northwest Indiana

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                       What was the 9th Indiana

The Ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry was a Regiment composed of men from Lake, Porter and La Porte Counties in Northwest Indiana which fought in the western theater of the American Civil War from 1861-1865.

The Ninth Indiana was formed on April 15, 1861, two days after the firing on Ft. Sumter, S.C. in Valparsio, Indiana as a Three month regiment. Col. Robert H. Milroy of LaPorte in command. After training for 30 days the regiment was sent to West Virginia. Here the Regiment saw its first actions and after 6 months returned to Indiana to reenlist.

The three year regiment was organized and mustered in at La Porte, Indiana, September 5, 1861, at a strength of 786 officers and men. The Ninth fought in over 65 engagements from 1861-1865.

In July, 1865 the Ninth was ordered to Texas for garrison duty where it was mustered out on September 28, 1865. During the civil war the Ninth sustained a 45% causality rate due battle losses and disease.

                Reenacting the 9th Indiana Today

We are a nonprofit U.S. Civil War Reenactment organization.
The purpose of this organization is to foster patriotism in the minds and hearts of the public exemplified by ceremonies, parades, living history demonstrations and battle reenactments commemorating the American Civil War. The members of our unit are men and women who strive to recreate civilian and military impressions of the civil war period in dress, arms, equipment, and drill. Membership to our organization is open to any person of good character interested in our purpose. The Ninth Indiana is a member of the Cumberland Guard. The Ninth Indiana is based in Northwestern Indiana, our membership spans the Chicagoland to Indianapolis area.

Anyone Can Join!! So Please Let Us Know If You Are Interested in Our Group!


          Join Up ! Save the Union !

The Ninth Indiana Volunteers is always looking for individuals who are interested in history who may wish to become members of the Unit.

Obtaining Membership in the Unit is easy and takes only a minute. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a member please send the webmaster an e-mail or complete our on-line application for membership.



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