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9th Indiana
Volunteer Infantry Company E
A Historical Reenactment Association Portraying Union Soldiers from Northwest Indiana

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     Merrillville 2006 Event Information 

You are invited to attend the 4th annual Merrillville Civil War Days and Living History. Hosted by the 9th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and sponsored  by the Ross Township Parks Department.

This event will be held at Hidden Lake Park in Merrillville, Indiana on July 29-30, 2006. Hidden Lake Park is located at 6355 Broadway in Merrillville, IN. See the Directions Page for a map.


Reenactor Information

All participants interested in attending this event must fill out and mail in a registration form available on the Registration Page. These forms must be mailed in to our event coordinator:
                                                            Jack Dusek
                                                            1628 Holly Lane
                                                            Munster, IN 46321

If you have a question please contact Jack at

By no later than July 15th 2006.

Amenities will include:            

Indoor Bathrooms
Saturday Evening Meal

Reenactors may set up Friday from 12:00 noon until Saturday morning. All POVs must be in the parking area by no later than 8:00am Saturday.

Sutlers may set up starting Thursday afternoon.

A meal will be provided by the host unit on Saturday evening to all costumed participants.

Colonel Dave Shackelford of the Cumberland Guard will be overall field commander of all union troops.

Qverall field commander of all Confederate forces is to be announced.


Tenitive Event Schedule:


afternoon - Sutler Set up begins


12:00 noon - Registration Opens


8:00am - All POVs out of the camp area

9:00 am - Company Drill

10:00am - Battalion Drill

1:00pm - Form Up for Inspection

2:00pm - Battle


8:00am - Church Services

9:00 am - Company Drill

10:00am - Battalion Drill

1:00pm - Form Up for Inspection

2:00pm - Battle

4:00pm - Break Camp

The event will also include: Artillery Demonstrations, Ladies Activities, and Camp Tours.

Watch for more updates to come.....







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